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    Sean Croxton

    Host of The Underground Wellness Radio Show

    “You’ll never do the same workout twice! Brett’s out-of-the-box training style will keep your body guessing, without ever picking up a weight or setting foot inside of a gym. Don’t let the 7 minutes fool you. You’ll not only feel it, but you’ll see the results in no time!”

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    Joanna Loughran

     Working Mom

    "Before I had a child I used to do high intensity workouts at the gym. I now have a two- year- old and need to make sure my work out is as efficient as possible.  I also have to be able to exercise with my little one either at home or at the park. That's why I love 7 Minutes to Fit. It's short , it targets everything, and it's challenging!"

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What is 7 Minutes to Fit?

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

See how simple improving your fitness and health can be with 50 workouts designed to do anytime, anywhere!

  1. No equipment required!  Bodyweight is your resistance and wherever you want to exercise is your gym!  
  2. Each exercise is accompanied by an illustrated, step-by-step guide to ensure you're maximizing their benefits by doing them safely and correctly.  
  3. All 50 workouts are designed in an illustrated, follow-along format and categorized by muscle group so it's simple to target your "trouble" areas!

About The Author

Brett Klika is an international award- winning fitness professional, author, and motivational speaker.
Over the last 15 years, Brett's success with thousands of professional athletes, high performing corporate executives, youth, and busy moms and dads around the world has made him a sought after educator, author, consultant, and speaker in the fitness industry and beyond on the topic of practical health and performance strategies. 
In 2013, Brett was named the Personal Trainer of the Year by the International Dance, Exercise, and Aerobics association (IDEA), the largest fitness trade organization of it’s kind in the world. Later that year, a research review he co-authored for the American College of Sports Medicine was featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Good Morning America, and numerous other media outlets, popularizing “The 7 Minute Workout”. 
When he is not traveling to consult, he enjoys life in San Diego, CA with his wife and daughter.

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